The Main Subject

This presentation of Lambda Function is intended as an
attempt to introduce readers into the powerful possibilities
it possesses.
The entire procedure of calculations is a long standing
cluster of recurrence formulas which will be released in next
weeks in a whole executable down loadable version so people
could execute their own calculations.
Rarely you would meet problems as that depicted in the
introductory fable but precisely these kind of situations
appear on everyday life and can be solved with Lambda Function.
Sometimes the problem (model) can be put directly on the
function but others need to be adapted. For instance you must
know what is the very matter.
One example:
Be certain car dealer who sells the X model of some trade mark,
and then another dealer who sells identical model and mark.
When you ask prices at everyone of them if no significant
difference between them appears then there are no possibility
to apply Lambda Function.
But if there are a difference then yes you may consider
things as follows:
Manufacturers delivers their cars at same factory prices.
The difference found among dealers tell us something about
local spents and whole added value.
These last ones can be grouped as a coefficient of added
Then the final price fPa = kFp for one dealer while for the
other is fPb = qFp where k and q are the particular
coefficients applied by each dealer, fPa the final price of
dealer A and fPb the one of the B dealer.
Thus only with fPa and fPb who must be different between them
you can calculate first the Fp value and so the two
coefficients k and q.
The model depicted is very simple and direct.
Every occupation has its own problems of these kinds and not
rarely appears a situation alike where lacks data but putting
things under the Lambda Function wise it can be solved even if
not a single result appears but this situation is usually
solved when a rational knowledge of probable values is known.
Under the Lambda Function seen fPa is zl and fPb is el
and l is Fp .
The two values zl and el - scalars - must be different and
the ratio between them zl / el ranges from 0.1 to 0.95.
Thus now z and e are the coefficientes and l the basic common
scalar or zl is Fp1 and el is Fp2 .
For the scalar and coefficients there are some limits but
depemding on the model ( problem ) itself. An advisable system
is transport values to multiples or sub multiples in order to
keep numeric figures nearly in between the common use range,
so if you are dealing with car prices as well as tomatoes ones
usually got familiar numbers but if you are to calculate
intergalactic distances or something alike best put them on
multiple figures avoiding numbers as 10*-5 or less or 10*5 or
In this presentation you can ask us for solutions at a
problem the unique data needed are the numeric values but no
the very matter or issue to apply so you must insert the two
values zl and el .
Lambda function offsets more than one
result so you must have a good knowledge of your issue
in order to decide.
Solutions will be mailed in few days.

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