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    Protons Preface   

      Some years ago while reading an issue in a French
    magazine of Science came the idea that particles
    mainly the elementary ones, can be described
    otherwise saving their behaviour, properties
    and constants.
      Say dealing with Protons means only a mere excuse
    to dig into the whole world of particle physics.
      That is as entities running under and in between
    the Electromagnetic Field kingdom.
      Interdisciplinary phenomena are so frequently found
    that a turning point is always present.
      I´ve took my decision starting with Proton although
    and obviously Electron and Neutron must be named
    always as related particles.
      It seems poorly convincent the models and
    procedures to depict particles behaviour after
    collisions. Really one can hardly accept that those
    proton´s byproducts from a target bombarded,were
    the inner parts of any particle´s compounds.
      Such fragments may always be the same whether
    the energy of the ballistic beams or procedures
    are always comparable too.
      Nothing can confirm that those byproducts were
    themselves before. Most experiments are destructive.
    Best let particles tell us by itselves what really
    they are and what is their continent.
      Such byproducts are nothing but something like
    electronic remaining noises due to some transitional
    state between Proton 1 Proton 0.
      I will attempt to see the Proton under other criterion.
    Proton is the main compound in fission and fusion,
    a powerful and useful ballistic beam in accelerators.
      Nothing can modify its charge, gravity, mass or
    spin, so do other particles. Mass and gravity
    are continuous functions, but charge and spin
    are discrete ones.
      Moreover does not exists a continuous range
    of masses in naturally occurring particles.
      Surely it must have dimensions and shape but
    in principle it´s not very important.
      Related to shape it must be said that hardly
    anybody could directly see any particle`s shape
    because of the field surrounding particles must
    be spheric and no light or wave can be reflected.
      As for dimensions the starting point is the
    interfacial surface between the EM field and the
    particle itself, after my theory that particle`s
    mass is a function of that acreage.
      In order to start my work I have considered
    necessary state some arguments as postulate
    or background. Namely the fair bi-dimensional
    Electromagnetic Maxwellian Field (EM) is the
    real and very matter despite its apparent
    emptiness: the mean into which all physics work.
    (See Planck´s Theory of Electricity & Magnetism
    Vol III pg 11), and my original idea:
     a particle is, in principle, a bubble of naughtiness.
    Also the Weyl´s idea of two kinds of charges and
    the Higgs boson theory must be taken into account.

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      EM field properties are real and then granted
    to particles despite we only can describe them
    as particle´s properties.
      It poses its rules, modify and accept physical
    mechanics or not.
      Later we will see the way how particles and
    matter modify slightly some of its EM scarce
    parameters or constants giving rise to an
    interaction with gravitational phenomenon
    and as Planck stated:
Every system that is
    perfect in itself bears the stamp of inner
    completeness and conceals no germ which
    allow of further development. Rather the
    impulse must come from without.

      If some unification can occur after my theory it
    will be as a consequence never as a purpose,
    because of unification also means a close system.
      I recognize that my theory will be in fact,
    poorly unificant.
      At the contrary I propose that any particle can
    work simultaneously and independently in several
    cohabitant fields.
      We ought to consider either there are four
    fields working in unison -in cohabitation- or
    four quite different properties of our well
    known single and unique Electromagnetic Field.
      I am strongly committed avoid additional new
    real or intermediate particles on the landscape.
      Is also of concern the proton´s binding
    quality and the relativistic behaviour of an
    orbital electron because relativity only stands for
    any mechanics related to the Electromagnetic
    field, externally exited or not.
      As usually occurs with many other theories who
    has not even opportunity to be experimented or
    confirmed,it will probably the same with this
    one. Thus I`ve decided start my work after all
    genre of experiments have been done, validate
    and published. Analyzing those results in such
    a way to guide my thoughts.
      Nevertheless predictions versus confirmations
    also yields a good deal of information,useful to
    any investigator. Results whatever they were
    are always valuable information.
      In order to achieve a good understanding
    -between pragmatic and abstract- of proton´s
    or any other particle behaviour, we must extend
    our knowledge about the EM field mechanics. But
    my initial purpose was to remain pragmatic.
      My work is not oriented towards criticism or
    any kind of revisionism.
      I hope this my modest work could anyway supply
    to some extent, to improve knowledge or at least
    be useful as slight induction to somebody.-

    This chimera has even rights to exist as others do.

     Aldo R. Lazzarini, The Author.

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