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A Metaphoric Introduction
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    Once upon a time I was on certain seaside wasting time
    and enjoying the landscape at rest somewhere in the triple
    Some distance away were a group of noisy boys who seemed
    ready to start a foot race to just the nearly light house
    even if it were no so far -some 300 yd- as to last some
    minutes touch and back.
    The runners started the race while in place remained two
    others watching and recording the times.
    The one of them - John - spent 75 seconds while the other
    - George - did 97 seconds.
    This situation gave me the idea that if there were two
    measures of the same thing - the distance - it would be also
    possible find the calculation means in order to solve it.
    After a while of speculations I have found the formulas.
    Even when a lot of       Beatles and Diamons are Forever time have been elapsed since I have
    found the means to do such calculations.
    Owe to the inspiration virtually gave to me by that
    magnificent group who are even at this date and remain
    untarnished like diamonds - say The Beatles.

                                                                               by Aldo R. Lazzarini
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