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             T h e    L a m b d a    F u n c t i o n

    Formal Introduction
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    Measure and calculus had been since ever the most ancient
    subjects of the scientific and technological world.
    By means of these two unique tools was built almost all of
    the branches of science where quantities become unavoidable deal with.
    Calculus is an inexhaustible issue who always offers new strategies to solve situations and its leit-motif are the mathematical well established procedures.
    One of the limitations set as a rule was the fact that no one can work out a system with n variables if there are not at least as many equations as variables are.
    Lambda Function can solve this limitation for three variables in two equations with some particular limitations.
    Worth of note is mention that hardly this procedure could be executed without the help of the computer owe to the great deal of recurrence formules procedure that the entire Lambda Function comprises.
    Later on this methodology would be extended to more complex systems in order to cover a wide range of applications.
    There are several works with the same purpose with approximate results which can be useful only in special cases.
    The scope of this procedure falls beyond the simple field of elemental solutions and is applicable in almost all of the
    everyday situations of calculation.

                                                                               by Aldo R. Lazzarini
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