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                Bare Eye Crystallography
                                                                                                       by Aldo R. Lazzarini                         from
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                      forewords                to bottom
     In order to be successful in this experience you
   ought to have at least one eye !!!, nevertheless it
   is not intended for any particular visual feature.
     The procedure's author explicitly disavow any
   physical or mental disorder or damage presumably
   as a result from the practise of this experience.
     As this work was done for the solely profit, benefit
   and advantage of the entire terrestrial and also
   exobiological beings, no one can claim rights or
   authorship of any kind.
     No glasses of special type will be used including
   your customary spectacles must be removed.
     The correct name for this special procedure is
   crystalloscopy;It is very difficult to take graphics.
     No special perceptions,foreseeing,crystal gazing or
   sensitivity are required nor any oriental ritual or so.
                fitting the experience
     Over a table exempt of vibrations or motions which
   can cause discomfort and annoyance,place a small
   piece of mastic or something so as plastic and
   no sticking moldable material, its size greater
   than the probe and of a height about 2 inches
   - depending however of your nose length !!! - and
   the probe initially could be a ball of old ballbearing
   free of movements: rotations or displacements
   along the table, then you can fit firmly and
   devoid of vibrations the probe in its socket.
     The table´s height must be the minimum as to pass
   freely your arms over it. Then choice a firm and
   comfortable chair and sit down.

                    about the probe
     The probe can be anything with some spherical
   surface at least in the zone to analize.
   If you are a very beginner the ball above cited
   or something alike is fully recommended.

                    about the light
     In order to succeed a good detailed color vision
   a full white light is recommended. Nevertheless a
   good result can be obtained connecting a small lamp
   -such as used in pocket lamps- despite it hasn't a
   very white light,it has instead some point-like light
   which in fact is troublesome to achieve.Otherwise
   a very sunlight ray would do the best but pierce the
   ceiling is highly inadvisable !!!
     Nevertheless you can attempt to do something
   interesting in an outdoors place.
     The more important feature is set up a fully white
   directional light source devoided of vibrations.
     Laser rays are not very suitable because of its
   monochromatic and almost single ray light.Such kind
   of light must be scanned properly and so the system
   complicates and loss interest. Besides it is not
   advisable at all mainly by the risks offered by
   its intensity in this particular experience.
   Laser light is specifically dangerous !!!
     The light source must be placed at your back as far
   as possible in such a way that rays pass through
   the air near your head before strike the probe.
     Later on after some practise things simplifies and
   so you will be able to solve easily the light question.

                    some concepts
     At the very beginning you could experiment some
   slight lacrimal troubles, but soon with practice
   you'll fit in form and fully recovered for the task.
     The main goal must be avoid thoroughly any other
   additional device or apparatus.
     Soon you will discover the big differences in shape
   between cells and crystallites.
     The initial position avobe depicted is important
   at the very beginning. Later with some good deal of
   practice in fact you'll able to do the job anywhere
   and without regard about darkness and comfort.
     As it was already said only the directional kind
   and quality of light becomes sometimes troublesome
   but no eyeglasses are necessary at all.
     In order to achieve and enjoy gray vision more work
   and improvements still must be achieved because of
   this experience requires a good deal of darkness.

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     learn more about crystallography
     about the eye refer to Encyclopædia Britannica
     15th edition vol 7 macropædia pg 103 up

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     Now sit down and approach your eye continuously
   over the probe keeping clear the light path.
     As relaxation is very important, if possible your
   forhead must be fully lain over some pillow or so
   and the chest over the edge of the table. Avoiding
   any discomfort. Then your arms can be loosely posed
   over the table keeping one hand ready to push the
   the probe. Darkness is recommended avoiding any
   dispersed light strikes reflecting objects near the
   visual field. The other eye -if one !!!- can be covered
   with care, without pressure and remaining open.
     Soon you will discover a bright spot from the probe,
   but if more than one appears, essay moving the probe
   or improve the light source. A mean is by collimating
   the light in a opaque plate (or two) with a pinhole,
   placed in the light path. Only one spot must be
   present at a time in order to get a perfect vision.
     Then attempt to dig into it approaching more and
   more until you find out your eyeslashes projecting
   shadows in perfect focus. Then you will discover like
   waves of tears when you move the eyelid, besides
   some impurities that are always present together with
   transparent rings,spots and worms sailing peacefully !!
     If you attempt to see far enough, the spot tends
   to magnify then appear some green,red,orange small
   unformed unduplicated colored spots surrounded
   by a thin black border recalling a jigsaw puzzle.
       you're really in front of the very crystallites !!!
     In order to ascertain this crystallites view a slight
   rotation of the probe must be followed by the same
   rotation in the picture. The frame of vision is always
   circular but if any stationary spot or so you can see
   it's nothing but some defective point in your retina.
     Now the methodology is force to see deeper and
   deeper meanwhile taking on your own experience and
   with improvements in the light source and relaxation.
     Succes is an issue depending on time, relaxation
   and indefatigability; be patient very patient !!!

     As you have just achieved color vision now it's
   possible to distinguish many other features.
   -note that some people (color-blind), can not
   succeed at color vision but they can nevertheless
   enjoy the experience, and even if in gray vision.-
     The highest resolution can be reached only
   with probes with a small curvature radius.
     A good reference set up is when the distance Z is
   such that your eyeslashes are just touching
   slightly the probe itself.
     The landscape when light strikes from narrow angles
   recalls a vast field or desert with some contrasted
   offsets with its projected shadows.
     In color vision only the "roof" of crystallites
   can be distinguished with its characteristic colors
   as a result of their chemical composition and sizes.
     The black border surronding the graceful colored
   figures is a measure of the eye resolution -retina-
   limit. No light can be detcted from those lines.
     Experiences took on different samples will furnish
   elements to compare and attempt some classification
   table in relation with known characteristics.
     Just before learn how to achieve the magnificent
   gray vision it is very suitable known how to sketch
   some drawing of what are you viewing in colors.
     Now you must arrange things in order to see probe
   and drawings simultaneously. Obviously you will be
   much more succesful in this case, if you have at least
   two eyes !!!. Things must be rearranged a little:
   the table already prepared is also useful but now you
   will be able (say if you're right-handed) to place the
   probe just at the right border of it. Then add another
   short table but at a lower level than the former just
   at a measure of natural focus of your right eye where
   the drawing will be done. As some light you'll need
   for the task then arrange things in order to get the
   suitable darkness for the vicinities of the probe
   and adequate light for the drawings.
     Draw it in their proportions and colors.

             color views                     gray views

                         gray vision
     Gray vision can be attempted once you have been
   successful in color vision. Here things are a little
   difficult: time, darkness and relaxation.
     In gray vision few light is required but some
   time of relaxation and a good deal af darkness all
   around the site. Light must be minimized by means
   of a plate with a pinhole, as already described,
   and watching the probe until no colors are seen,
   now the view becomes sepia before the final gray.
     That's the cones of the retina are no longer reached
   thus only the rods are able to do the job increasing
   resolution more than three times and now the view is
   nothing but a magnificent picture of crystallites piles
   resembling big skyscrapers of a city !!!. Then rotate
   slightly the probe in order to understand what is this.
     Views are independent of how polished the probe is;
   polishing only does even the surface and is useful in
   color vision. Tips of broken metals are also seen even
   when they have not an enough polished surface.

     Now you can see in fact that this "apparatus" is
   mainly human than technological or mechanical.

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